Jakked News

A message from Pat and Kai, the proud new owners of Jakked Gym!

Monday March 1st, 2021

It’s exciting times at Jakked Gym and we have some great news to share with you!  We, Pat Regan and Kai Kaufmann, are officially owners of Jakked Gym as of Monday March 1st, 2021.  Just like us, many of you have been part of the Jakked family for a long time and have come to love what this gym and its community has to offer.  We are excited to have the opportunity to carry on the Jakked legacy which is really about you, the members, who make this place what it is.

Rest assured that the spirit of Jakked will remain intact and we do not plan on changing the nature of this gym.  With both of us having trained here close to 15 years, we know what Jakked stands for and what its members expect.  You can expect the same for many years to come! Certainly this wouldn’t have been possible without the vision that Byron and Tami Hicks had when originally opening the doors to the gym back in September of 2006.  A lot of blood, sweat, and tears was put into this place by Byron and Tami in those almost 15 years.  I’m sure you share our sentiment when we say we are grateful for everything they have done for us as members in those years.  So a big thank you very much Byron and Tami!!!

How does this affect me as a member?

As a result of transitioning ownership of the gym, there are a few housekeeping items we must ask from you.  We’d appreciate your support and help with some recordkeeping items. Come and talk to us at the gym and we’ll get your information current.

Improvements that are already here!

With the transition to new ownership, we have implemented new software that will bring many great features to the gym and to you as members.  We’ll be sending you an email with further details and access information, but some examples of how this will benefit you are:

  • You can access a member portal on JakkedGym.com where you can see your memberships, billing information, update your details, and more!
  • You can download an Android or iPhone member app (GymMaster) which gives you lots of cool features!
  • You’ll receive any important news, billing reminders, promos, events and general updates through email!
  • Give us feedback directly from the app or member portal or just come and let us know in person!

There’s lots we’re still exploring and as we find new things that will add value to you as members of Jakked, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Wait, Jakked is going to get even bigger?!

Yeah, you read that right!  We are already making plans to increase the usability of the gym and are in the process of adding more space as well.  More to come on that in the next few weeks!

Want to help us make Jakked even better?

If you have any ideas on what you would like to see happen at Jakked, then please let us know.  We’re open to any and all suggestions on equipment, apparel, supplements, overall layout of the gym or anything else you can think of.  We’re here to make this the best place for our members to achieve their goals and be part of the great community Jakked has always been.